Events, classes and group sessions

at Rachem Wellness

Friday FARMacy was born out of a desire to make healthier, and more natural health-and wellness products easily accessible.

We want to support local farmers and manufacturers in this endeavour.

Dance fit Classes at Rachem

  • Do you want to get fit, but your normal workout routine is not for you?
  • Come and get fit through moving your body to the rhythm of the beat
  • Enjoy getting fit through the fun of dancing
  • Only 5 per class due to 1:1 attention
  • R60 per class

Please book in advance with Mariné Burger 082 397 8121

Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises at Rachem

Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercise (TRE®) assist the body in releasing deeply rooted patterns of stress, tension and trauma. This also includes the seemingly ‘small’ stressors of everyday life. By doing so, one can engage in similar situations with maturity and clearness of mind. TRE reduces anxiety, decreases muscular tension, improves quality of sleep and elevates energy levels.

R 300 per class – One-on-one session only

Please book in advance with Dera van der Walt 072 713 5545

MAP Movement Classes at Rachem

MAP Movement®️ is beneficial for everyone. Some of the advantages it has to offer include:

–         Improved joint mobility;

–         Pain relief;

–         Drainage of lymph;

–         Stress relief;

–         Better balance;

–         Optimised lung capacity;

–         The mobilisation of scar tissue and

–         The restoration of movement

R100 per class or R340 per month (1x per week) or R689 per month (2x per week)

Please book in advance with Dera van der Walt 072 713 5545